Stannum Australian Stock Horses

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Stannum Australian Stock Horse Stud is situated on the border of Queensland and New South Wales just east of Stanthorpe. We are a family owned and run operation and we live and breathe horses. Being campdraft enthusiasts, naturally we endeavour to preserve and breed proven bloodlines that we believe possess the certain traits and abilities it takes to succeed in this uniquely Australian sport. We are passionate about breeding the true Australian Stock Horse. Whether it be full heritage stock horse breeding or the increasingly popular touch of quarter horse, the qualities we seek are the same. An all round, honest hardy, horse that will take all in its stride, regardless of discipline.

We strongly believe horses should be allowed to be horses. With this in mind we take a minimalist approach to the management of our horses. We dont wrap anything up in cotton wool. They run as a mob, the majority are not rugged or hard fed and we haven't shod a horse in over six years. Although barefoot is not widely accepted yet, anyone that looks will see that it is essential for the healthy horse. Kendall is currently studying Equine Podiotherapy to better our knowledge in this area. We regularly put our horses to the test mustering at home and away. We use only horses and dogs and work in a range of different environments, although more often than not it's in very steep and rugged country. Any young ridden horses we have for sale are given these long slow days of stock work as we believe this is essential in giving them the foundation they need to be the best they can be.